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Speaker Profile
Zemedeneh Negatu
Managing Partner Ethiopia and Head of Transaction Advisory Services
EY Ethiopia

Zemedeneh Negatu is the Ethiopian-American Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Ethiopia and Head of Transaction Advisory. He is considered one of Africa’s top business leaders and was named in ‘The Who’s Who of African Finance 2015’ by the New York publication Global Finance and was voted as one of the ‘Top 15 CEOs of Africa to Watch’ in 2015, by African Business magazine.

Mr Negatu has advised on a large number of merger and acquisition deals across Africa, South America, the U.S. and the Middle East including deals done by private equity funds, major multinational corporations and Sovereign Wealth Funds. His views about emerging markets, in particular Africa, are have appeared numerously in the global media and have been featured on the BBC, CNN, the Financial Times and Aljazeera amongst many others. In addition, Mr Negatu is also regularly invited to speak at global events and high profile gatherings including the World Economic Forum, The Financial Times’ Africa Summit in London and The Africa Global Business Forum in Dubai.