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Nik Gowing
International Broadcaster

Nik Gowing has been has been a main presenter for the BBC since 1996. Prior to the BBC he was at ITN for 18 years where he was bureau chief in Rome and Warsaw, and diplomatic editor for Channel 4 from 1988 to 1996. Mr Gowing is a distinguished conference moderator and speaker. He is also a lecturer and published analyst on crisis management and the handling of real-time information in times of major emergencies. His Harvard study, ‘The CNN Factor’, focused on automatic cause and effect relationship between real-time television coverage of conflicts and the making of foreign policy. Mr Gowing’s  study for the Carnegie Commission in Washington DC examined the role for the media in preventing conflict and his most recent peer-reviewed study from 2009 is ‘Skyful of Lies and Black Swans: the New Tyranny of Shifting Information Power in Crises’ from 2009, covering the nature of power in major, unexpected crises.

In addition, Mr Gowing has been a visiting fellow in international relations at Keele University, UK as well as a fellow at the Joan Shorenstein Barone Center at the JF Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. He has also sat on the councils of Chatham House, the board of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, and the advisory council at Wilton Park.