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John Andrews
Contributing Editor
The Economist

Until moving back to London in 2006, John Andrews was The Economist’s most experienced foreign correspondent. In a 24-year career that included positions in London as industry editor and Asia editor, his foreign postings have ranged from Singapore and Hong Kong to Brussels, Washington, Paris and finally Los Angeles. Before joining The Economist, Mr Andrews spent six years with the Guardian and led the paper’s coverage of OPEC during its 1979 to 1982 heyday. He came to the Guardian after living for seven years in the Arab world, first as an academic in Libya and Lebanon and then as a journalist. Working for NBC News he covered the Middle East peace–shuttle of Henry Kissinger and the first year of the Lebanese civil war.

Mr Andrews has written two books on Asia, co-authored a book on Europe and contributed chapters to other books, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His last book was ‘The Economist Book of Isms’; his new book is ‘The World in Conflict: Understanding the world's troublespots’.