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H.E. Richard Sezibera
Secretary General
East African Community

His Excellency Dr. Richard Sezibera is the current Secretary General of the East African Community, an inter-governmental organization bringing together the States of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania and Kenya with the aim to form a political federation. Prior to his current position, he served in different capacities in the Rwandan Government, such as Minister of Health, Presidential Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region, and Ambassador to the United States of America with concurrent accreditation to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. His Excellency was a Member of Parliament in Rwanda for five years, chairing the Committee on Social Affairs as well as being a member of the Committee on Defense and Security. He participated in the struggle to liberate Rwanda from the regime that committed genocide in 1994.

His Excellency has been Vice-president of the World Health General Assembly and Chairperson of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa. He has served as a Commissioner on the UNSG's Commission on Accountability for Women and Children's Health and is a member of the GAVI Board as well as Chairperson of the Board's Program and Policy Committee.